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Symbol of Success

911 DV

David Vandyke bought his Porsche at the start of 2009. His company, Diaco, had enjoyed increasing success, and David felt that he had earned a symbol of that success. Diaco manufactures and sells a unique product; the world’s only dental chair specifically designed for wheelchair users.

The Diaco dental chair safely reclines wheelchair-bound patients into the optimal treatment position to enable dentists to carry out procedures. One benefit of the device is that the patient remains in the safety and comfort of their own wheelchair throughout the treatment. Not only does this mean that they remain in the familiar context of their own chair, it also eliminates any need to transfer the patient between chairs.

The orange Porsche needed a bit of work before David was completely satisfied.

“I wasn’t too happy about the registration plate. Once I’d upgraded the car, done some mechanical repairs and some cosmetic work to the alloys, it looked like a £100,000 super car… Except the number plate told everyone it was 10 years old and worth about 25 grand.

“Luckily for me, my Diaco business partner, Steve, has been an amateur trader of number plates for many years. He was aware of the potential plates out there that might suit my car and me. He scoured the usual sources and came back with some options, my favourite being 911 DV. The registration was obviously perfect for my car and my initials, but I thought it was rather out of my league in terms of cost. However, after a bit of too-ing and fro-ing I managed to secure the plate from Regtransfers for an excellent price.

“Once the plate went on to the car it simply finished the job off. Not only does it hide the age of the car, it actually adds to the presence of the car on the road. Such a bright car turns heads, and I’m certain the plate adds to that allure. Now that I’ve bought my first personalised plate I can assure everyone that it really does add to the pride you take in your car. Like most people I’ve worked hard to achieve this success, and I’m proud of that, so why not show it off?”

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