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RT Team Spotlight – Jayne Simmonds

Jayne Simmonds

This is the latest in a series of articles that we hope will enable our readers to get to know Regtransfers a little better. We will feature a different member of our team each time and gradually you’ll become able to put faces to the voices you hear when you call us.

This time, our investigative interviewer, Angela Banh talks to sales negotiator Jayne Simmonds.

How long have you worked for Regtransfers?
Eight wonderful years. I’m the longest- serving salesperson on the phones.

Has Regtransfers changed since you started?
It has changed a lot but for the better. It has expanded massively. When I first started we had approximately twelve sales negotiators, there are now over 42. We now have a great website which we obviously didn’t have when the company was first set-up nearly 25 years ago.

The internet has made everything more accessible, anyone can go and search for their ideal number and then give us a call to secure it. Of course if anyone needs any help finding their perfect plate, they can call us to see what is available.

Who buys personal number plates and what do most people look for?
All sorts of people from all walks of life, they are not just for the rich and famous. They are now so competitively priced that anybody can afford one. There are many different types of registrations available. People look for their initials or name, or sometimes just a catchy word. Some people buy registrations associated with their business or even their hobbies and pets.

Why do you think people buy personal registrations?
There are many reasons. To hide the year of their vehicle, plates can drastically change the appearance of a car and makes them look so much more special. People are now buying them as advertising tools and of course they can be a fantastic investment.

What is your role as a sales advisor?
My role is dealing with incoming enquiries, helping people find their ideal registration and advising sellers of any offers we receive on their plates. I also need to follow up on any existing sales to ensure they go through quickly and problem free.

Do remember your first big sale?
Yes I do! My first big sale was 1 WR. It was a great feeling to get my customer such a fantastic plate. They had been searching for it for years.

Do you have a personal plate?
I am currently on the look out for a nice dateless registration, maybe three random letters and three numbers, just to take the year off of my vehicle.

Jim Stewart

Describe Regtransfers as a place to work. What do you like most about it?
It’s a beautiful building – a large Victorian house. It’s a very good place to work, the people are fantastic and the atmosphere is always lively and buzzing.

I love the fact that I get to talk to different people everyday and hear all manner of reasons as to why they are buying a registration. One lady even bought one for her husband who had sadly just passed away and she wanted to get it made up to put in or on his coffin, as he had always wanted his own registration.

What do you consider as the ‘best’ plates?
Definitely a number ‘1’ registration. They look amazing on a vehicle and are a great investment. My ideal one would be JS 1. I can but dream…

What would your advice be to someone looking to buy a registration?
Call me and I’ll find you your perfect number at the most competitive price!

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