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RT Team Spotlight – ‘The IT Crowd’

Through this series of articles, we hope to enable our readers to get to know Regtransfers a little better. In each, we feature different members of our team.

At the very heart of the Regtransfers operation are Commander Ian Clayton and his team of boffins. Together, the Information Technology (or ‘IT’, as it is known in binary code) Department, develops and maintains our website and administration systems, using the latest technology, hammers, pink string and sealing wax.

Beamed down from from various planets in the known universe, a stranger mix of people would be hard to concoct. Many of them do not reflect in mirrors and it is a wonder that our photographer was able to capture them on film at all.

Picture left to right, below, are:

Mark Hipwell (Senior Developer), Ian Clayton (Manager), Rob Gurney (IT Engineer), Nick Daniels (Assistant Manager), James Peterson (Systems Engineer) and Nasir Altaf (Web Developer).

Their personalities and characteristics are summarised by a ‘geek-o-meter’ rating.

Regtransfers IT team

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