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A Sound Investment | A Significant Number

A Sound Investment

A sound investment

Keith Rodgerson’s first personal plate was KSR 111 which he acquired as long ago as 1967. He later matched this with
another ‘initial’ plate, 67 KR for himself and one for his wife, Patty, 2000 PR.

Being a sound recordist by profession and from the Scottish market town of Kelso, Keith also has the highly appropriate pair, L50 UND and KEL 50X.
Just for good measure, he has his own ‘name’ plate, K31 THR and X1 ANR for his son, Ian.


A Significant Number

Significant number

Although he had never purchased a personal number plate before, Tom Alexander decided to buy THA 6 in memory of his late father, Thomas Harold Alexander, who died on 23rd January 1984.

“My own birthday is the 6th August,” says Tom, “and so THA 6 is a very significant number.

“I was very pleased with your sales negotiator, Will Robinson. He fully explained the transfer procedure and everything went smoothly.

“I enquired about the number on the 9th January and was able to display it by the 24th. How quick is that?”

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