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A Second Chance | A Year to Remember

A Second Chance


As far back as 1988 Andrew and Jacky Roast began looking for a personal number plate to adorn to their first gleaming new Ford Fiesta.

When their dream plate, ROA 5T, came up for auction about four years ago, they placed a sealed bid which (despite representing considerably more than the cost of their car) was unsuccessful and any hope of acquiring the plate was gone.

Whilst surfing the internet recently, we found ROA 5T available with Regtransfers. “Another chance,” thought Andrew. “I was on the phone to them the next morning. They were genuinely interested in our 20 year efforts to get the registration plate and we settled on a price.

“Our personal plate has been transferred from car to car ever since. It now looks good on our BMW Convertible. It will remain in our family and hopefully our next generation of Roasts will enjoy it as much as we do.”

A Year to Remember


It was Amanda Townson’s 40th birthday and she was going to test drive a brand new VW Golf.

However, when husband, Chris, took her to the local dealership, he casually pointed out the new Eos model and they went over to view it.

The boot of the car was filled with flowers -Chris had bought the car as a surprise present!

“I was in total shock, she says. “My car is just perfect.”

However, they both felt it deserved a private number plate, although neither were sure how to go about purchasing one and thought it might be a difficult process. How wrong they were.
“I knew Chris and the children were up to something earlier on this year but just didn’t know what,” remembers Amanda.

On Mothers’ Day she was presented with the number plate MAM 96 from children, Joshua and Abbie. “I first became a ‘mam’ in 1996 when Joshua was born,”
she recalls.

“My car looks fantastic and many people have commented on the plate. Thank you so much for the fast, friendly and very easy service you provided. We will certainly use Regtransfers again, when we hope to find a suitable plate for Chris.”

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