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Thanks to Regtransfers for securing my dream number of my home town Rugby.
RUG 8Y is a great investment and I’m sure it will be sought after by residents of the town and followers of the game of Rugby for years to come.

Since I was young I have always had a strong interest in personalised number plates, it’s been a hobby of mine for many years. I’m a member of the Registration Numbers Club (RNC) who hold a number plate rally at various locations around the country each year.

In 2001, I purchased my first number plate ’23 NP’ which represents my birthday (23rd July) and my initials. I was very excited about having my own number plate on my car, this number went straight onto a 1990 Ford Escort which I was driving at the time. However, the car kept breaking down on me! I had the perfect number plate but all I needed was a decent car for it to go on. I then purchased a Peugeot 206 which looks really good displaying the number. I don’t think I would ever sell ’23 NP’ because it was the first number I bought and it’s very special number to me.

In 2003 I read in my local newspaper that the number RUG 8Y was going to be sold at auction in Cheshire. I thought I would have no chance of buying this number because RUG 8Y is both a town and a sport and I thought that maybe a top Rugby player would buy it! Since then I regret not making a bid for the number and I kept checking to see if it was for sale, but it wasn’t. In February 2009 I saw that is was for sale at and I didn’t hesitate in buying it – and I’m so glad I did!

In 2005 I purchased 27 P and 8 ONY. I’ve since sold 27 P and I’m now selling 8 ONY. The next number I would like is a short one number one letter mark.

Personalised number plates make a great investment and sometimes it may take a long time to find your dream number, but if you’re determined enough you will succeed. One of the best things about it is the chase to find your perfect number and everybody I’ve spoke to with a personalised number plate has always got an interesting story to say.

Nathan Pestridge
by email

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