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RT Team Spotlight – Ian Clayton

Ian Clayton

This is the second in a series of articles that we hope will enable our readers to get to know a little better. We will feature a different member of our team each time and gradually you’ll become able to put faces to the voices you hear when you call us.

Many of our managers and sales advisors have been with us for more years than they care to admit. They are generally a modest and retiring group of people (they asked us to say), but after much persuasion they have agreed to appear here.

This time, IT Manager Ian Clayton courageously fields the probing questions of our investigative interviewer, Angela Banh.

First of all, what does ‘IT’ stand for?
Information Technology. That is, the systems we use to manipulate the vast amount of data we hold on our computers.

How long have you been at Regtransfers?
Six years.

What constitutes a typical day for you?
That’s a difficult one! There tends to be a different project every day. Essentially, my responsibility is to ensure all our systems continue to run smoothly. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our efficiency.

How have things changed since you have been here?
Enormously. When I started I was the IT department! Now I have five full-time staff. The company used a tiny database – an old DOS system called ‘Cardbox’. This has now been replaced by a massive state-of-the-art system specially designed in-house to cope efficiently with the vast scale of our customer-serving tasks.

Tell me about your team members.
We have a Database Administrator, a System Support Engineer, both Senior and Junior Systems Developers and a Web Designer.

What is your role as IT manager?
I need to make sure everyone does what they are supposed to. Also to ensure back-up and recovery systems are in place and that customer confidentiality remains secure.

How would you describe Regtransfers as a place to work.
Wonderful! It is a challenging and demanding role but very rewarding.

Do you own a personal number plate yourself?
Well, I currently have the number 1 CC on my company Smart car. It represents my full initials.
(No, I’m not going to tell you my middle name. Oh, OK then, I suppose it’s not too embarrassing. It’s Christopher.)

I’ll have to come clean, however, and tell you that I don’t actually own it. We use some of our stock numbers to draw attention to our business and advertise what we do. So it’s actually for sale, although I rather hope no-one buys it!

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