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RT Team Spotlight – Mark Trimbee

Mark Trimbee

This is the first in an occasional series of articles that we hope will enable our readers to get to know the Regtransfers team a little better. We will feature a different member of our team each time and gradually you’ll become able to put faces to the voices you hear when you call us.

Many of our managers and sales advisors have been with us for more years than they care to admit. They are generally a modest and retiring group of people (they asked us to say), but after much persuasion they have agreed to appear here.

So, to start the ball rolling, sales manager Mark Trimbee courageously fielded the probing questions of our investigative reporter, Angela Banh.

How long have you worked for Regtransfers?
I’ve worked here for nine years now. I joined in 1995 as a salesperson and became a manager about eight months ago.

Do remember your first big sale?
Absolutely! It was a brilliant plate, priced at £60,000. That was quite soon after I started working here and the negotiations and final sale were very exciting.

Have you dealt with any famous customers?
Many times! I have dealt with David Dickinson and Bobby Robson to name but two.

What is your role as a sales manager?
My job as a sales manager is to keep my team motivated and I try to do so by maintaining an element of fun in the office. I feel that everyone works much better in a good atmosphere. It is also my responsibility to train new sales advisors. They get two full weeksintensive training when they arrive as well as on-going training. Each team member is given a five-weekly appraisal where achievable targets are set and discussed.

There are many strong characters in my team so it can be quite a challenge to keep everyone working together. I like to stay aware of what is happening in the market place and ensure that my team is also kept informed. There are also technical considerations: I need to be up-to-date with our computer systems and the registration system.

What kinds of people do you find buy personal registrations and what do they look for?
Strangely enough, there isn’t a typical customer. Registration prices range from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands so there really is something for every pocket. As for what they look for… many people choose to have their initials on their car. That is one of the most popular things.

Why do you think people buy personal registrations?
There are a variety of reasons. For some people, of course, it’s a status thing. It shows what they have achieved, and they use a good-looking plate to show this on their car. Some customers feel that a personal registration adds the finishing touch to a prestigious car. For others it’s the personal touch that sets them out: a statement of identity. And sometimes people just find it easier to spot their vehicle in the car park!

What do you consider to be the ‘best’ plates?
Personally I really like what I call historical plates and I think they are probably the best ones. These are the one-letter, one-number registrations such as V 1 and Y 1. After that the name registrations like CEC 1L, and registrations which resemble words such as FAN 745Y. Below those
I would place the Irish plates, but the most popular ones of all seem to be registrations that contain people’s dates of birth or initials.

How do you try to ensure that’s service is better than anyone else’s?
Regtransfers has the best market knowledge and access to the majority of plates on the market. Our sales advisors are trained in all aspects of registration knowledge such as the different types of numbers available and issues such as the transfer system.

They are also technically trained to use the computer systems that enable them to search through the millions of registrations. Regtransfers also invests heavily both in our staff, with on-going training, and in our stock.

Has Regtransfers changed much since you started?
It has changed a lot! I’ve seen it grow from only about 20 people in the whole company when I started to over 80 people now. There were only 4 people in admin and we didn’t have a proper IT department, or even a website. We just used to be open standard office hours, then that changed and we had people here until 11pm.

Now we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Regtransfers has been here from the start and has grown alongside the market. With investment in technology, we can now make registrations more accessible, and hopefully make it much easier to pinpoint the perfect plate for each customer.

How would you describe RT as a place to work?
I love it! It sounds really strange but I think its great coming to work [The cheque’s in the post, Mark – Ed]. It’s a very open, lively environment where everyone has a committed and professional attitude. I think I like it most because it’s a focused yet relaxed office to work in.

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