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RT Team Spotlight – Donna Allen

Donna Allen

Through this series of articles, we hope to enable our readers to get to know Regtransfers a little better. In each issue, we feature a different member of our team and, gradually, you’ll become able to put faces to the voices you hear when you call us. In this issue, we talk to Donna Allen.

How long have you worked for the company? 
For seven years.

Describe Regtransfers as a place to work. What do you like most about it? 
It is a brilliant place to work. Although the company has grown enormously, and we now have over 80 members of staff, it still feels very small and friendly.

How have things changed since you started? 
The company has grown considerably but has adapted positively to developments in the market.

What is your present role? 
Sales Manager.

How did you get the job? 
I started as a sales negotiator. The opportunity for my current role came along in June 2005.
I started on a three-month trial basis and I’m still here!

Tell me about your staff. 
I have a team of eight full-time sales people and one part time.

What constitutes a typical day for you? 
Every day I receive about 300 emails, which may require urgent attention. I carefully oversee the team’s performance, monitoring telephone calls and transactions, whilst negotiating with potential buyers and sellers in response to enquiries and investment opportunities.

Do you remember your first big sale? 
Yes. It was a very expensive number from the company’s own stock of registrations.
It was on a Sunday night and came right at the end of an otherwise quiet week. Since then I have been involved in a number of other very big transactions.

Have you dealt with any famous customers?
Not with ‘celebrities’ as such, but I have negotiated impressive sales for some very well-known names from the business world.

Who buys personal number plates and what do most people look for? 
Anyone and everyone. People tend to look for personal initials and names, but there is also a big demand for plates which are used to promote businesses.

Why do you think people buy them?
I’d say that the majority are for bought for personal prestige but, in recent years, many people are growing wise to their potential as serious investments alongside the more traditional areas.

How does Regtransfers ensure that their service is the best available?
By training our staff to a very high standard so that they are equipped with the expertise to deal with any queries that may arise. Our sales people are on hand seven days a week and we also have a highly-focused administration department who will ensure that transfers are processed speedily and efficiently.

What would your advice be to someone looking to buy a registration? 
Come to Regtransfers! Find a plate that is not only personal to you but one that also has longer-term investment potential. Names are always good buys and ‘Number Ones’, apart from being the ultimate’ mark, are likely to retain their wider appeal.

How do you view personal number plates as investments? 
I’ve seen people achieve returns that they could only dream of from traditional savings
or investments. Importantly, even in the recent uncertain economic climate, number plates have consistently held their value and people are still making lots of money.

What is the best way forward if you are considering personal number plates as part of your investment portfolio? 
I can provide valuable historical evidence and an insight into current trends, together with information and advice to help you decide which plates are likely to provide benefits in the future.

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