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Rachel’s BOT 70M

B0T 70M

I had always wanted a personalised number plate and knew it would have to be something fun to suit my Mini Cooper. I had already put big white paw prints on the roof (as I love cats) and I thought a cheeky number plate would be the perfect finishing touch to it.

I work as a paraplanner (which means I do technical research and write reports for clients) for a firm of independent financial advisers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

After many years of being teased by friends and boyfriends with nicknames such as Big Bum, J Lo and Beyoncé due to my curvy posterior, and having previously missed out on S4 UCY and TEA 5E, I was looking at the website over the Christmas holidays when I spotted BOT 70M.

This was the perfect plate and, after some haggling, we agreed on a price. A few weeks later it was on my car.

Loads of people have commented on my personal number plate it and certainly raises a few smiles whenever I drive around. And of course, it provides endless opportunities for all the obvious jokes!

Rachel Brabbins

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