James Boon with J8 OON

Businessman James Boon has purchased numerous personal number plates over the years, mostly related to one of his businesses, but until recently he had never owned a registration representing anything personal to him.

One day, while browsing for a registration for his son, whose 17th birthday was approaching, James spotted a registration that couldn’t have been more appropriate for himself.

“I was staggered by just what good value this number was,” says James. “Maybe it was just so niche to me that it limited the market somewhat but, for me, you couldn’t really write it any better!”

J8 OON was for sale at a price that James felt he just couldn’t refuse: he decided to make an offer straight away. However, he still had his original mission to accomplish before he could complete the purchase.

“Before I treated myself I needed to find an appropriate present for our son, Anson”.

James’s perseverance paid off and he came across ANS 50N.

Anson is an actor and at the time he had just won a role in a major US TV series to be filmed in Budapest. Anson had also saved up and bought his first car, a Ford Fiesta. James and his wife, Debbie, thought that his efforts deserved a nice private number plate to go on his new car: something personal and relevant to their son that he could keep for life.

“When you think about it,” says James, “a personalised plate is a fantastic present in this kind of situation. It is prestigious, it doesn’t devalue, doesn’t wear out or go out of fashion. It is probably the best thing we could have bought for Anson”.

Now that Anson and James have both added the perfect finishing touches to their cars, there is one more acquisition left to make.
“My wife is definitely next on the list”, says James. “She currently has a number that relates to a business we sold last year, so the time is right to start looking out for something more personal, and it’s going to have to be really special to match up to the ones currently on our drive!”

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