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Number Plate Stories: Perfect Porsche Plate | In Bloom | Head over Heels

Perfect Porsche Plate

Perfect Porsche plate

Alan Taylor is a chartered surveyor by profession and runs a successful property consultancy business in his hometown of Farnham in Surrey.

When Alan is not slaving over his drawing board, he likes nothing better than to take part in amateur motor racing events. The picture above shows him with his son Mark as they proudly display their cups for first prize in Class 3 at the Porsche Club championship at Snetterton.

Alan has owned the Porsche 911 virtually from new and it has always borne the AJT 911A plate which he originally purchased for an earlier 911 SC model. This great Porsche plate certainly turns heads at Porsche club and race meetings.

His other Porsche is a Boxster S series which carries the number M35 KOF. The family has become attached to this registration since it has been transferred between many vehicles since they first acquired it, although the letters and numbers bear no special significance.

Alan’s latest work project is the development of a high quality business park. You can see details of this


In Bloom

In bloom

Andrew Kemp is a keen gardener and national prize winner for exhibiting his chrysanthemums.

He also has an obsession with personal number plates and has been a valued customer of Regtransfers for many years.

Andrew’s latest purchases in the field [sorry! – Ed]of personal number plates include, the highly appropriate, SB10 OMS and the amusingCAB 846E plate which currently adorns his own car.

CAB 846E is, however, currently for sale. So, if this is the plate for you, please call 01582 967777


Head over Heels

Head over heels

Photographer, Keith Ranson, recently did a wedding shoot for a couple in their 70s who met on the internet about six months ago and have fallen head over heels in love.

Roger and Myra Halsey from Sleaford in Nottingham, have bought matching number plates,M60 YDD and R60 YDD, and Keith was asked by them to send in this charming picture.

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