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Plates of Distinction

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Plates of distinction

Paul Brittlebank is a Chartered Surveyor, Arbitrator and the Principal of Brittlebank Commercial. Whilst being based in Leighton Buzzard, the practice has clients spread over a wide geographical area, dealing with all aspects of commercial property management. Paul is also a consultant to the North London practice known as Michael Berman & Co.

Paul’s home town is Scarborough in Yorkshire but, when he was a young man, there were regular family trips to London. Paul immediately took an interest in the quality cars and the private registration numbers commonplace in London but,
at that time, rarely seen elsewhere. As he got older, Paul came to appreciate the benefits of living in the capital.

“My first registration purchase was as a student in Sheffield in 1972. Whilst refuelling my Ford Anglia I spotted a car for sale with the registration 92 WX. It was an appalling vehicle but just roadworthy.
All I wanted was the registration. In those days transfers were difficult but despite many obstacles I still have the number which is currently displayed on our Range Rover.

B1 TSB followed for my daughter, Tasmyn St.Claire. Whilst now married she has, in her professional life as a solicitor, retained her maiden name.

“Generally, my interest is in plates which are distinctive and unusual. It is of no consequence to me whether the letters are my initials or relate to the business. A distinctive plate is readily recognised and generally becomes associated with the individual or business.

S1 OOS was a subsequent purchase and is currently displayed on our Land Rover Defender – a car used by my partner, Stephanie, in the winter and in which she feels safer than in her MX5. In the long term it has been claimed by my son, Adrian, who is a keen Land Rover enthusiast.”

The next goal achieved was the purchase of a mews house just off Hyde Park. The mews was featured in Scandal, the film about the notorious John Profumo affair, used by Volkswagon for Golf adverts and is home to London’s oldest original riding stables.

A chance meeting with a neighbour in the mews, famous within the music industry, who has the registrationDC 1, on his Rolls Royce, led Paul to realise that a ‘number one’ was his ultimate goal in registration numbers – initially setting his sights on three letters.

“That was where Regtransfers came in. As the letters were of little consequence to me it became apparent that a number plate comprised of two letters and a number one was, despite rarity, financially attainable. If my maths is correct, and if all potential combinations were released, which they were not, there could only be 1,058

two-letter/number one registration numbers. It is very rare to see any such number on a vehicle.
“A long wait but, with the professional assistance of Regtransfers, 1 XU was acquired in June 2007 and is currently displayed on my Ferrari F430 Spider.”

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