Plate Wars

Plate wars

Once the cherished registrations bug bites it can be quite hard for the enthusiast to shake off the obsession. The title of Regtransfers’ book, Fanatical About Number Plates, is no understatement when it comes to describing us and many of our customers!

Mark Warren from Swansea contacted us with a summary of the plates he has owned since he first became interested. Mark’s list shows how much enjoyment it is possible to get without breaking the bank. Over the years he has acquired a procession of affordable, but relevant plates.


“I purchased my first private number plates in November 1990,” says Mark. “It was 980 CUP, a registration that graced three of my vehicles.” A lot of fun plates work phonetically and Mark’s 980 CUP (“Nine, a teacup”) is a great example. It also occurred to him that the increasing, some would say cult, popularity of the Seat Cupra has meant that the name ‘cup’ has become synonymous with the GTJ badge. Surely plenty of Seat owners would like to see that one on their vehicles.
Later, Mark spotted 18 WAR for sale. This number, taken from a 1964 Ford Consul, combined his 18th of the month birthdate with the first three letters of his surname. He couldn’t resist it, and bought it in 1993. The following year Mark sold 980 CUP through Regtransfers to a Scottish trophy company. Very apt!


A few years passed before temptation struck again, but eventually Mark encountered WAR 185 in a registration advertisement. He had actually been looking for the “letters first” equivalent of his 18 WAR plate, but so farWAR 18 has eluded him and he doesn’t know if that registration currently exists.
WAR 185, however, was a fine consolation number and at one point Mark had both his WAR plates on matching Toyota Corolla GTi’s.


His most recent purchase was made in 2000. “I very happily acquired W18 REN and placed it upon a retention certificate,” Mark says. “It was to be two long years before I was able to purchase a vehicle young enough to go on it!
W18 REN now resides upon a Ford Puma mainly used by my wife Karen, who is very pleased to have a plate resembling both her first and second names. “I thoroughly enjoyed the Regtransfers book Fanatical About Number Plates,” he says. “I’m assuming there may be a follow up called Still Fanatical About Anything Related to Car Numbers!”

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