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Sam Watkins began his working career as an architect, but then moved into property management and has run his own company for the last 25 years.

His love of cars began almost 30 years ago when, as a struggling architect, he bought his first Lotus. It was a 1971 Elan S4 drophead coupe. Sam bought it in a half-restored state (which was the only reason he was able to afford it at the time!) and it took a year to put it all back together.

Whilst Sam has been interested in private registrations for quite some time, it wasn’t until about a year ago that he actually bought his first one.

“I had a Porsche 911, which I’d bought from new four years before and happened to be browsing through the Regtransfers website when I spotted 911 SAM. I knew instantly that I just had to have it!”

Once the plate was on the car, he received so many comments about how good it looked, that he felt he just had to get something for his Bentley and Lotus.
“I was born in the third week of March (the third month, of course) so when I found that 3 SAM and 33 SAM were both available, I decided to go for it!
“I was actually in the process of trading in my 911 for a new Lamborghini at that time, so when I was informed by your sales advisor, Mike Ward, that, by pure coincidence, the plate 333 SAM had just become available, I had no choice but to buy that one too!

“He made sure everything went through as quickly and smoothly as he possibly could, and, as you can see from the photos, the final result is quite dramatic.”
Sam’s only regret is that he can’t drive all three at the same time. Now, that would really turn a few heads.

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