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Bill Ody is an expat Englishman living in Australia. He must be one of the few Australian residents to own a UK vehicle registration on a retention certificate. At first thought it may seem difficult to imagine how such a situation could arise, but when one knows the story it all makes perfect sense.

“In 1961, when I was about 11 years old, my mother was hospitalised and subsequently went to a convalescence home in Bexhill, East Sussex. One day, as we went to visit my mother I noticed that there were vehicles around with ODY registrations.
I learned that Bexhill was within the Arundel registration area for DY.

“The DY number plates really caught my attention and, even at that tender age, I became determined that one day I would have a car with an ODY registration.

“Well, the years passed and, from time to time, I scanned the adverts in papers such as the Daily Telegraph or Sunday Times. Then, one day in around 1972, I saw an advert for ODY 7. The asking price was offers over £100. So, I phoned up and offered £100. Upon being told that it was offers over £100. I said, ‘OK, then. £101!’ That was accepted and, having declined the offer of the old Ford Consul that the registration was on, I became the proud owner of ODY 7.” Bill transferred the registration to his parents’ car when he emigrated to Australia.

“My mother in particular loved having the number on her car and she was well known in Winborne, Dorset, where she lived, for parking pretty much wherever she felt like on the basis that she had a ‘Blue Sticker’.

“Sadly my father passed away seven years ago and my mother just recently in May of this year. As I live in Australia the number is now on a retention certificate and at some point may have to be sold and put back onto a UK vehicle. I just hope that it goes to someone who has a good reason to want it and will give it a good home.”

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