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The natural choice

The natural choice

For as long as he can remember,
John Christian Vessey has been fascinated by wordplay, slogans and cars.

“Regtransfers, therefore, were the natural choice when searching for a personalised plate,” he says, “and it didn’t take long before I hit upon M12 JCV (‘Mr JCV’) as a birthday present to myself.”Quicker than he was expecting, the deal was done, the plates were delivered and the relevant documentation issued. “First class all the way,” John concludes.

“A thousand thanks to all the staff, especially your sales advisor, Shane.”

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Andy Jackson has been interested in private registrations ever since he bought his first ‘Jackson’ plate, J44 XXN, when he was in college.

Ever since then, he has always been on the lookout for a really good ‘Andy’ plate, but knew they would be much more expensive. Some years later, Andy received a text from Regtransfers to say that 444 NDY was available, and he instantly recognised it as the plate he’d been looking for.

“I put in an offer and Regtransfers took care of the rest,” he says. “Needless to say, it now sits proudly on my current car, and I think it looks fantastic.”
There has always been another registration that Andy has his eye on, J444 XXN.

Being almost identical to his first plate, he thought they would make a great duo of ‘Jackson’ plates. So, he took the opportunity to purchase that one as well, and now has the start of a small collection.

“Private plates really make a nice car stand out from the crowd, make them individual to the owner, and are a great investment for the future too,” says Andy. “I’m sure I’ll have 444 NDY on many cars to come, as I don’t see how
I can find a better one for the same price.”



Thirteen years after the tragic death of The Princess of Wales, affection for the ‘People’s Princess’ shows no sign of waning. Stephen Buston is not alone in his admiration for Diana, ‘The Queen of Hearts’, and has a number plate which succinctly expresses his feelings.

D11 DOL adorns Stephen’s Range Rover 4.6 HSE as a clear indication of who he considers to be his ‘idol’.


Art for arts sake

Arts for art’s sake

Alan Richard Turner from Felixtowe in Suffolk has sported personal registrations on many different cars over the years, but it was not until he acquired his first ART plate that he found what he really wanted.

He bought 95 ART eleven years ago, to grace his limited edition Honda lntegra Type-R with a hand-built engine.

“When I moved out of Central London recently, I was at last able to expand my collection of specialist cars,” says Alan.

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