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Money Well Spent

Sarah Brookes-Lauder and Daniel with 1 SBL

Sarah Brooks-Lauder bought 1 SBL as a birthday present to herself. “As soon as I saw that it matched my initials and was for sale, I just had to have it. It was the perfect purchase to make to mark the milestone birthday I had reached,” she says – although unwilling to reveal exactly which one!

“I believe that a personalised plate on a car adds to its appearance and can transform a car into something simply more interesting.”

Working for Barclaycard for the last 11 years, Sarah has fulfilled various roles within the business and is currently involved with the customer relations unit at their Teeside office.

Her career with Barclays has seen her spend time in Mumbai, India, which she found particularly enjoyable. Whilst there, she took part in some charity work and was recognised at the 2007 Chairman’s Awards in London by group chairman Marcus Agius.

“I previously lived in Germany for several years,” says Sarah, “flying as cabin crew stationed at Bremen and operating the popular route between there and Amsterdam in co-operation with the Royal Dutch airline KLM.

“I saw out the end of my contract with Eurowings, at Bremen. I remember one day I had checked in the passengers for a particular flight and then boarded them onto the shuttle bus at the gate. This would have normally been the extent of my duties however, as a stewardess was stuck in traffic on her way to the airport, it was agreed that I would board the aircraft myself, greet the passengers, serve a pre-flight drink and make the mandatory cabin announcements in order for a quick departure once the delayed colleague had arrived. I will never forget the number of passengers who asked if I was going to fly the plane as well as every other process I had completed for them!
“I still travel to Germany usually once per year to catch up with old friends and work colleagues.”

Being a self confessed ‘petrolhead’, Sarah usually makes this trip by car, as it allows her to put her foot down and enjoy the unrestricted parts of the Autobahn system. She currently drives an Audi TT S-line but would ultimately like to own a Porsche Panamera. As she says, “There is simply something inherently attractive about the styling of German cars.”

Sarah’s partner, Daniel, is involved in building and is a bricklayer by trade.
“We met at a builders merchants one day whilst I was purchasing some items for home improvements,” she says.

“The car and personalised plate had caught his eye in the car park.”
Sarah views 1 SBL as a personal investment; something that can either be sold on at the end of her driving days or passed on to their children, [Sarah confides that there may be a not-so-subtle hint there somewhere, Daniel, if you’re reading this! – Ed.]

“I certainly feel that it was money well spent, Well, isn’t any money spent on yourself a wise thing?”

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