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The Way to a Man’s Heart?

The way to a mans heart

As the old saying goes; the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, not in my case.
I met my husband, Ian, ten years ago and it became apparent from our first date that he was an avid Leeds United fan. One of the things that gave it away was his tattoos of the club badges.

When our son Scott was born he was automatically put into a Leeds United baby- grow, followed by bibs, bottles, feeder cups, and then the bedroom curtains, bedding and wallpaper. The minute he could understand what was going on, he was taken to home games and followed every away match on television or radio.

In August of 2006 at Leeds and Bradford Airport passport control we found ourselves standing next to David O’Leary. My husband’s jaw dropped open. He was like a shy school boy seeing one of his sporting heroes and did not have the nerve to ask for his autograph. From that moment on I had to carry a marker pen in my bag.

In November the same year, returning from a week’s holiday in Spain we saw Dennis Wise.
My son spotted him straight away. He was so excited that he could not get his words out. But once he got over the shock we went back inside and asked for an autograph. Being a true Leeds United supporter, he was wearing his LUFC shirt and Dennis happily signed it for him and posed for a photograph. This now takes pride of place in a frame for all to see.

The ups and downs of Leeds United FC have not stopped their passion and hundreds of tops, shorts, socks, coats etc. now spill out of my husband and son’s wardrobes. They are so fanatical that we purchase only blue, yellow and white items.

My son’s team, Long Lee Juniors under-eights, at Keighley, West Yorkshire have just been sponsored by the company I work for, whose corporate colours are – guess what? – blue and yellow. This, of course, did upset one or two of the other players who support different teams.

Our first encounter with was when I purchased my number plate L666 NOB. ‘Nob’ being an abbreviation of my husbands nickname ‘Nobby’.

The service that we received was straightforward. The click of a few buttons and it was done.
So, when Ian decided to get his own plate, there was no question of which company to use. We looked on the Regtransfers website and there it was; L11 UFC. He had to have it, so I started my negations with your sales advisor, Miles.

I soon discovered that Miles himself was a life-long Leeds United supporter so I knew that he was going to strike a good deal and a week later he came back to me with an acceptable price. The transaction was completed within a matter of weeks.

When Ian is out on the road with his building company, Jigsaw, or delivering bouncy castles for his other business, Bouncytastic, the plate always receives positive reaction and a ‘thumbs up’.
So ladies, I would say that the best way to a man’s heart is to buy him the number plate of his dreams, and I would whole heartedly recommend

Lisa Robinson

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