A Man on a Mission

Man on a mission

Azhar Majid is a man on a mission. Since he bought his first personal registration in 1989, Azhar has been on the lookout for better versions of his name on a plate.

“At the time I bought A2 URH I did not even have a car to put the registration on, but as the registration’s pronunciation was close to the spelling of my name Azhar, I made a quick purchase.

“A few years later I bought a car and assigned my registration to it. The number had been on my car for about a year when I noticed a car that drove past me. Its number plate had an even better combination of numbers and letters. I did a quick U-turn and followed the car for a few miles. I was driving very close as I didn’t want to lose sight of it.

“As the driver pulled in to his drive, I parked my car just behind his. He didn’t seem very happy, and he asked if I was sure I couldn’t have driven even closer to his car. Oops, I thought, he was right – I had been too close. Discovering that he was an off-duty policeman, I made a quick apology as I expressed an interest in purchasing the cherished registration, A2 ARF from him.

A few weeks later he telephoned me and offered to sell the number to me. However, I was still not fully satisfied as I kept getting stopped by the police for incorrect spacing of the letters, so I kept searching for even a better cherished registration.

“Then a friend informed me that he had contact details for a person who owned A2 AAR. The owner of this plate had not even assigned the number plate to a car as yet, and I thought it unlikely that he would sell it, as it was such a nice plate – especially if your name is Azhar! After some negotiating and a lot of persuasion, I acquired the plate. I tell everyone that this number will never be available for sale unless I get a really good price for it!

“A couple of years later, A2 ARH came up for sale. I thought this would be ideal to put on my second car so I didn’t waste any time, and I grabbed the opportunity to purchase it.

“Ultimately I would like to find the registration mark A2 HAR should it ever be for sale at an affordable price. But I guess I will have to keep looking out for it.”

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