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It Looks the Business

It looks the business

When Jeff Smith started his own business in 2000 he knew that it would be important to project a good, professional image, and he decided that his car and number plates should reflect that.

“I didn’t have any money for expensive cars,” says Jeff, “so I decided to buy a personalised number plate that took the age identifier away.

“After searching through the Internet, the best website I found was, not only for the selection but also for ease of use.

I searched for a plate with JEF in it somewhere, but couldn’t find anything suitable. I kept searching each week and I found a few variants, but nothing really struck me.

“I took a picture of my car and used photo editing software to put different number plates on my car to see how they looked. Once I’d decided it was JEF 96 I liked the look of, I got more ambitious. I obtained a picture of my dream car, a Porsche 911 Carrera S, and I edited the image to put the registration number on the car. I made that my computer wallpaper. At the time, sadly, I could afford neither the car nor the number plate, but this was the stuff that my dreams were made of…

“In 2001 I wrote my first book, The KPI Book, which has become the world’s number one best-seller on the subject of Key Performance Indicators. From then on, my business began growing rather quickly
“In 2003, I purchased JEF 96 from Regtransfers and put it onto my Mercedes CLK. It really looked the business, and it made a big difference to my business image. Since that time, I’ve published another two books and my business has continued to go from strength to strength.

I now speak at conferences all over the world sharing the secrets of the top achievers in business, and I sometimes tell the story of the JEF 96 number plate: how it all began as a dream and then turned into reality.

“Curiously, it was only after I’d purchased the plate that I realised that the 96 had some significance for me… my birthday is 9th of June!

“In 2008 I bought the brand new Porsche 911 Carrera S and put the JEF 96 number plate on it, exactly as I’d created the computer wallpaper eight years earlier; only this time it wasn’t a dream, it was for real!”

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