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Looking Good

Looking good

You will see from the layout of the listings pages in our newspaper and magazine advertisements that we separate numbers into several categories.

Broadly speaking, these follow the criteria of registrations which either look like names or words, or those which don’t.

The latter group all include letters which could relate to the initials of your name. Some of these plates also feature a lone number ‘1’ which makes them far more interesting and desirable.

There are, however, many plates which neither represent words nor have letters necessarily relating to common initials.

But, they simply look good.

For example, those sporting two letters and two numbers (‘2x2s’), or three of each (‘3x3s’), comprise equal groups of characters and are, therefore, more pleasing to the eye.

For example: 85 PBBT 25RFR 444FSW 600

The approved number plate font has no ‘serifs’ (the little edges and bases) and no lower case letters. Its capital ‘O’ is exactly the same as the numeral ‘0’, and its ‘1’ is identical to a capital ‘I

Consequently, the characters: I8OAHMTUVWV and X are all perfectly symmetrical along their vertical axes.

So, if the car behind you was sporting XMV 801, you would see 108 VMX in your rear view mirror.
Great fun, and a lot nicer than something like WGO 587, which would appear as:

Interestingly, the OI8H and X also preserve their shapes when simply flipped horizontally. As do the 3BCDand E.

There are thousands available. If the kids are bored, get them to find them all in our listings.

So, a bit of science, a bit of typography, but, essentially, the elusive concept of aesthetics applied to a simple, everyday, object – the number plate.

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