Hot Property

Hot Property

Nazum Akhtar is a successful property developer from Birmingham. He purchased his first personal number plate when he was just 18 years old. N4 XUM – representing his name – has sat proudly on his Honda Accord ever since.

“The next plate I bought,” said Nazum, “was 24 WR. This was a gift for my brother, Wahid. We have a portfolio of 24 properties in Birmingham. The ‘W’ stands for Wahid and the ‘R’ for his wife, Razia. 24 WRadorns our Rolls Royce Silver Spur.”

By now, Nazum had really caught the bug and decided to buy yet another plate for their BMW Series 7.N77 UMA again resembles his forename but has the ‘A’ for Akhtar at the end as well.

Then came Y14 SMA for Nazum’s sister, Asma, on the occasion of passing her driving test.
But things haven’t stopped there. Nazum is keen to find a plate for his daughter, Rabia, which will reside on his Evo 6 Tommi Mackinem model, and for his son, Tauheed, and nephew, Haroon.

Nazum is eager to credit his brother, Mohammed Wahid,, for the siblings’ business success. Wahid owns many businesses such as newsagents shops and is very popular in the area. “Without his hard work and success,” says Nazum. “We wouldn’t have been as successful as we are today.”

The family’s business acumen goes back another generation, however. Their father, Mohammed Akhtar, was a butcher who eventually owned a string of properties in the 1980s. He is now retired and has a passion for buying horses back home in Pakistan. Naturally, Nazum will be searching for an appropriate ‘Horse’ plate for his father’s next birthday.

“I was really pleased with the service Regtransfers provided,” says Nazum. “I always go to them when I need a personal plate and have told my family and friends to do the same.”

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