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Happy Motoring | Retro Plate

Happy motoring

Happy Motoring

Darren Norman has had an interest in personal number plates, and the various formats in which they are available, for quite a while. Some years ago Darren noticed the plate displayed on a family friend’s Daimler.

“It was a two-letter, four-number configuration: black backing with silver characters. I thought, I wouldn’t mind that on my car when I’m older! The number was AS 2700. It’s probably worth quite a lot now.”

Later, when he was at college, Darren had a Mini Clubman Estate bearing the registration WUO 2V. It was, in fact, the original plate that had been issue to the vehicle, but people often asked if Darren had purchased it privately. Unfortunately, the Mini was written off and scrapped, so Darren lost his registration number.

“So, after many years of on-and-off looking, I recently decided to go ahead and try to find another number that would suit me,” says Darren. “As I was working to a budget, my perfect plate, D4 REN, was sadly out of my reach.

“Having trawled through dozens of sites, I found the Regtransfers site was the easiest to use. It also allowed me to see up-front how much the numbers cost. Some others aren’t as clear.

“After tinkering around with various combinations of letters from my name, I decided to use the DRN as an abbreviation of Darren and the number 18, which is my birth date. Using those, I found a whole load of registrations to choose from, and I eventually I chose T18 DRN. The number now sits proudly on my Renault Clio. I think it sets the car off a treat.

“I see this purchase as an investment, as it can be transferred from car to car. I would recommend Regtransfers to any prospective buyer. My transaction was all wrapped up within two weeks and the actual acrylic plates were cheaper to buy from Regtransfers than they would have been from a well known auto factors.

“I am looking forward to years of happy motoring with my personal registration.”


Retro plate

Retro Plate

Martin Gilby bought this splendid US ‘retro’ 1959 Cadillac at the Enfield Pageant in 2010.

“I always wanted a 59,” he says. “Maybe because it’s the same year that I was born – or maybe it’s because of the gigantic fins! Who knows?” Extraordinarily, the Cadillac is the only car Martin has ever owned and he says, “I fall in love, every time I uncover it.”

For those of you who are wondering,
the matching ‘59’ plate is actually NUI 959, originally issued in Northern Ireland where the letters ‘I’ and ‘Z’’ are used.

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