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Golden Opportunity


When Dennis A Hall and his wife, Dot, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Dennis found it quite difficult to decide on a suitable gift for Dot.

“For our Silver Wedding we had dinner with friends and family at the Crown Plaza, a french restaurant in Manchester. When Dot’s meal was served, her plate carried a box containing a diamond and sapphire eternity ring. The following day we flew to Malta, where I had arranged for us to re-take our marriage vows. Upon return to Manchester we drove to a Ford garage where, Dot thought, we were to view a newly launched Fiesta. What she didn’t know was that I had arranged for one of the new range to be re-sprayed so the bottom half was silver, as I was unable to get a silver model in time. The car was handed over to Dot, which caused both tears and smiles. Who said romance was dead?”

As you can appreciate, that was a pretty hard act to follow and, for a while, Dennis worried that it might be impossible to come up with something suitable to do justice to the importance of his and Dot’s Golden Wedding.

“However, it suddenly struck me that I could get Dot a personal plate for her car: one that embraced her first name and her surname. The result was HA11 DOT, which she was delighted with. Our three daughters, Samantha, Melissa and Imogen have all agreed to retain this plate even after we have passed to the big car park in the sky.

“Previously we owned H4 LLX but, unfortunately, the police were not too pleased with the way the plate was configured [the character spacing was not as required by regulations – Ed]. We also had 88 DOT for which we received an offer we could not refuse. Prior to my retirement I was a director with a household name toiletries company and the registration on my company car was V 1001 which reflected the fact that the organisation manufactured 1001 carpet cleaner.”

In an attempt to match HA11 DOT Dennis tried to acquire HA11 DEN but discovered that it was already allocated.

“The next milestone will be my 80th birthday, so I suppose I should be on the lookout for DEN 80 or OLD 50D!”

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