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Fantastic Opportunities

Fantastic opportunities

John Birchill has always been interested in personal number plates. He considers them to be both interesting and fun.

“Personal registrations alleviate the boredom of driving,” he says. “Some plates make me laugh and others make me wonder about their meaning. Often when filling up at petrol stations I’ve spoken to the owners to ask them the significance of their plates. The owners’ replies are fascinating.”

John recently fulfilled what he describes as a life-long goal and ambition, when he purchased a private registration depicting his nickname.

“I purchased BA55 SSH for “Bash”, which has been my nickname since I was a supplier in the Royal Air Force. I used to bash the keys on the keyboard when I worked in the supply contol and accounts section as a customer advisor.”

All John needs now is a newer vehicle upon which he will be able to display his special plates. In order to raise funds for that purpose, he is selling two excellent registrations through Regtransfers.

Even though he is parting with them, John is perfectly well aware of their potential appeal.
“I’m selling CUP 111D (“Cupid”) and B357 MUM (“best mum”). These are both fantastic opportunities to show loved ones how much you love them.

“You only get one Mum and this is your chance to show her how much she means to you by purchasingB357 MUM, the original ‘best mum’ plate. CUP 111D could be used for promoting wedding cars or dating agencies.”

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