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FA55 TTT Becoming Popular


Richard Hinde is a self-confessed number plates nut. He is an enthusiastic fan of and an avid reader of our magazine. We are delighted to say that he is also a valued, and very satisfied, customer.

In 2005 Richard bought FA55 TTT from Regtransfers. When he wrote to us recently it was evident that he was still enjoying his great registration.

“I thought I’d write and say a great big thank you to you and your team for supplying me with, what I think, is the greatest plate ever… It really is terrific, and is FASSTTT becoming a celebrity here on Hayling Island. People are even taking pictures of it on their mobiles whilst I’m driving, pointing fingers and smiling. It really is amazing.”

Richard’s first personal number plate purchase was about 15 years ago, when H1 NDE went up for auction. “Unfortunately I couldn’t attend because of work, but my brother went on my behalf with a limit of £5,000 to spend.

As I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and something I planned to hand down, I thought that sum of money was worth it.

“After the auction my brother phoned to tell me that it had sold for £5,200. I was horrified that I missed out by such a small sum. However, after teasing me for five minutes or so he revealed that he had, in fact, spent the additional £200 and got the registration!”

H1 NDE went straight onto Richard’s, then brand new, BMW car where it has been displayed proudly for 15 years. The ultimate “Hinde” name plate.

Two or three years ago Richard was struck by a inspiration…

“I wondered if I could get EDN 1H – basically H1 NDE in reverse. I pursued this idea through Regtransfers, who eventually managed to buy EDN 1H for me at an auction. We put it on Janet’s car and side-by-side they look great

Mirror image - EDN 1H & H1 NDE

Richard recently decided to buy a new BMW 3 series convertible. For the uninitiated, this vehicle is a 3-litre, twin turbo beast, offering 306bhp.

“It truly is FASSTTT,” says Richard. “Therefore, the ultimate number plate was required, and yet again Regtransfers came up with the perfect plate – FA55 TTT. Absolutely nothing can be better and it looks superb. “We really feel now that it has replaced the others as our number one plate, because it’s so cool. We’re sure that it will be seen by every number plate fan
as a classic, a number that would grace any front bumper!”

As an afterthought he adds, “Perhaps Stirling Moss should be driving it!”

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