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Passionate Fireman in F14 MES over hot number plate!


Self-confessed car fanatic, Mark Skeggs, from Hertfordshire has found the perfect number plate to emblazon on his red Ferrari 308GT4 – F14 MES!
This passion for fast cars was started by his late Father, James.

Mark says he has always liked to make up words and names from car registrations, so it is no surprise that he decided to invested inF14 MES. “I found this excellent plate on the website. It was rather appropriate for me because I am a Fireman and I also own a racing car which does actually make flames.”

Having spent around 2,000 hours working on just one car, Mark says “This is when being a Fireman comes in handy as it gives me the time off I need to ensure the cars are in top condition.”

Mark has been through ARDS training for duties at Ferrari Owners Club days, which means that he is qualified to teach on track, giving his M. S. Racing (Mark Skeggs Racing) Corporate and Business clients the assurance that they are getting a certified standard of driving and instruction. “The number plates complete the executive look of the car, helping to make it a desirable and ultimate driving experience for all of my clients.”

F14 MES joins an ever-growing list of plates that match the owner’s profession. Top salesman at, Barry Tuck, says “I have sold DRA 1N to the Pimlico Plumbers in London, F1 ASH, to an electrician in Surrey, and now F14 MES to a fireman! We have also sold D1 HOT to a Mr. Souness, who also owns a ‘hot’ Ferrari!”

Fanatical About Number Plates 18 December 2001

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