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Good for the Ego | Citroën Plates

Good for the Ego


Andrew West-Morgan bought these ‘Ego’ registration plates from Regtransfers some time ago as an investment and as presents for his children, Amber and Richard.

Both plates have interesting histories: EGO 842was first issued in 1937 to a BSA motorcycle, where it remained for over sixty years and 81 EGOwas first registered to an Austin A40 in 1963.

It has been displayed on many cars, including five Porsche 911s and a Ferrari 355.

“They are much cherished by my family and especially my children,” says Andrew, “as they can’t wait to get them on their cars when they are old enough to drive.


Citroën Plates

Citroen Plates

Number plate enthusiast, Ben Francis, relates that, when the ‘10’ plates were issued, last year, his friend, Colin, noted there were some ‘ELIOTT’ numbers available on a first come first serve basis.

Colin managed to purchase EL10 TTD for his son’s 17th birthday for less than a £1000 and he also managed to buy a further six ‘ELIOTT’ numbers, which they both felt were great value.

“We then realised that the latest ‘11’ plates would also produce some great registrations,” said Ben, “and we decided to purchase a few.”
They found ADS 3W for Colin’s daughter, Alex (pictured above) and ADS 3R.

The entrepeneurs are hoping to persuade Citroen Rally Division to purchase for use on their new WRC rally car, the DS3 R, driven by Sebastian Loeb.

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