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RT Team Spotlight – Donna’s Team and ‘Bazza’

Donna’s Team

Through this series of articles, we hope to enable our readers to get to know Regtransfers a little better. In each issue, we feature different members of our team and, gradually, you’ll become able to put names to faces.

With 60 full-time advisors, Regtransfers can boast the most comprehensive sales service in the industry. But it’s quality as well as quantity that counts and all sales enquiries are handled efficiently by people who are not only eager to help you find your perfect number plate, but also who know the market and know number plates. In this issue, we feature Sales Manager, Donna Allen and her team.

We asked the team to list their favourite things, their likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, greatest achievements and best attributes etc. Some of the responses ranged from the ability to drink a pint of Stella Artois in three seconds to ‘I can stick a five pence piece horizontally up my nose’.

We thought these facts might be less than enlightening to our readers. What we think you may be interested to learn, however, is that these people are all dedicated and experienced professionals, who will go out of their way to guide you through the process of owning a personal number plate. Nothing short, in fact, of helping you to realise your dream.

Donna's team

Left to right: Nigel ArnoldBob BettonNeil PilkingtonLucas ConnollyLee HiltonZoe Tearle,Jack GauntlettDonna AllenPatrick Flood. (Other team members not pictured: Kate Ibbott andBruno Palmer.)



Old stager, Barry 'Bazza' Tuck

Farewell, Bazza

Barry Tuck is something of a legend at Regtransfers. Barry, AKA ‘Bazza’, retired in April 2011 after 14 years with the company. A friendly and chatty chap, Barry joined the company at the age of 53.

“Tony and Paul gave me an opportunity to start a new career when not many other companies would have done so,” he says.

Barry was one of the first members of the Regtransfers team to work mostly on the eCommerce side of the business dealing with enquiries generated by the internet and by email marketing.

Helping to establish the eSales department with manager Stu Bentley is one of Barry’s favourite memories of his time at Regtransfers. He has other fond memories too.

“Meeting new colleagues and making lots of new friends, of course,” says Barry. “And selling some excellent number plates: F14 MESDRA 1NF1 ASHB11 NNY, many ‘number ones’ and some great names and words registrations such as 10 RD to a Lord. It was used for a cover of this magazine. I also sold S111 OKE(Smoke) & VER 110N (Vernon) to the same person who owned a steam bus in Whitby. “I was also delighted to have my name in Ruby Speechley’s book, Fanatical About Number Plates.”

Barry achieved a lot during his tenure, and has seen the company grow into the UK’s largest independent registrations dealer. “I remember reaching my 10 years’ service, and receiving a holiday in Cape Verdi. When I started there were only 15 other employees, and I was the ninth in the the sales department. Who would have thought the company would quickly grow into the biggest and best in the industry.

“It was very hard to make the decision to retire, but at age 67 it was time. The retirement party and leaving presents meant a lot to me.

“Now that I have retired I see a lot more of my grandchildren and I have started fishing again after 10 years. I’m spending lots more time in my garden, growing my own veg and relaxing watching my fish.”

Everyone at Regtransfers would like to thank Barry for being a great colleague and friend, and for his long and productive service. He has certainly earned his status of ‘legend’. We might not see him every day now, but out of sight does not mean out of mind.

Well done, Barry!

Photography: Stan Thompson

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