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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just what the doctor ordered

Nigel Bryant from Poole in Dorset endured a slightly uncomfortable introduction to private car registrations. His first purchase, a private transaction, was plagued by difficulties. That early episode convinced Nigel that it would be a good idea to conduct future business through a reputable specialist company, and so gained a valued customer!

During the 1970s, Nigel worked for the recently defunct advertising publication Exchange & Mart and, like many people,

he would occasionally browse the private number plates listings to see what was available.
“In the pre-Internet days, E&M was the national marketplace for just about anything and everything, and registration plates were a small but fascinating section at the back of the motoring supplement. There were only a few dealers around then and most plates seemed to be traded by individuals.

I always hoped that I would have a personalised plate of my own one day.”

Some years later, in 1987, Nigel saw NIJ 17 being offered for sale by a man in Northern Ireland. It appealed immediately, as he is widely known as “Nige”. Unfortunately, complications arose, no paperwork arrived and his calls went unanswered. Nigel feared he had lost his money.

At the last minute, just as he was beginning a civil action to try and recover his losses, the seller got in touch explaining various problems with NIJ 17. Although the man was unable to supply that plate after all, he offeredNIJ 31 instead. Nigel was understandable wary about restarting negotiations with the seller, but he eventually agreed and this time everything proceeded smoothly. The plate arrived just before Nigel’s 31st birthday.

Nigel has transferred NIJ 31 many times since he bought it.

“I have seen its value rise by at least 1000%, although I could never imagine selling it. It has become such an integral part of my whole life now.”

When Nigel met his girlfriend, Linda, she was just about to buy herself a new car – a black Toyota Supra MkIV. Linda had never considered buying personalised plates, so Nigel decided to buy her a registration for her birthday.

“After my previous bad experiences, I was determined not to be caught out again and had already decided to only use a reputable company such as Regtransfers.

“As my girlfriend has both a medical MD and an academic PhD doctorate, we found X2 DOC on offer, but sadly, as her Toyota was older than an X-reg, that transfer was not possible. Continuing our search, we found D8 LOC, which was perfect for Dr. Linda O’Connell. It was very reasonably priced too. One quick phone call and the plate was hers. It was so much easier this time. Needless to say, the transfer went through without a hitch and her car looks absolutely stunning now!”

About a year later, Nigel bought a second-hand Harley Davidson 1340 ‘Low Rider’ motorcycle. Despite previously owning some 40-50 bikes over the previous 35 years, Nigel had never seriously thought of putting a personalised plate on a bike, but as the seller wanted to retain his own personal registration, Nigel found that he had the perfect excuse.

“Going straight back to Regtransfers, I immediately found M1 FXR, ideal for the ‘Harley-speak’ model designation of my bike (F = big twin, X = Sportster forks and R = rubber-mounted engine). Still unable to believe my luck, I snapped this up and the plate was soon on the bike where it never ceases to attract attention from fellow enthusiasts!”

Nigel thought that his collection of number plates was complete, but then he bought a smaller Suzuki DR250 Djebel trail bike “for playing about with”. He decided that one should also have a personal registration.
“Back to Regtransfers again, of course, to find something small, neat, appropriate… and cheap! After much deliberation, I settled on N5 BYK (“N’s bike”) for only £180. Once again, a simple hassle-free deal ensured that the plate was on the bike within the week.

“So, that’s where things stand at the moment,” says Nigel. “I think that’s it, but who knows?

“I love reading the Regtransfers glossy magazine and browsing through all the plates available, just as I did in E&M some thirty years ago. One thing’s for sure; if I do get another plate, it’ll be from the same company that has always given me such great value and efficient friendly service, time after time.” is delighted that Nigel has had such a positive experience, and we look forward to helping him with any future quest!

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