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The Debbie Rowley Story

Debbie Rowley

DEB 5 is the result of a successful year for Debbie Rowley’s car. For the last two years it has been entered into a number of car touring events, including the famous Cannonball Run event in Europe which, over five days, aims to complete over 2500 miles at an average speed of 61 mph.

However, as Debbie’s partner, Vaughn Thomas, explains, “An unfortunate timing mistake on the last day of the first year meant we couldn’t win but still managed to finish in the top ten in our ‘rookie’ year. Last July we conquered the Cannonball Run and returned victorious after covering France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia in the fastest time of a field of 38 cars.”

To celebrate the triumph and ensure the car had a makeover (which the winner gains as an automatic prize), for next year’s event, Debbie decided on a radical facelift and changed the colour from black to white whilst, at the same time, giving it a more sporty styling.

The result looks fantastic and, to complete the transformation, she purchased the ideal number plate from Regtransfers. ‘Debs’, as she is known to her many friends, can now be seen wherever the car travels. Watch out for her and her winning car DEB 5 at a track day near you.

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