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Cut and Blow

Cut and Blow

Roger Paul Beresford-Jones runs the Thatch Hair Technique, a very trendy hair salon in Carlisle.

Roger owned the number plate5 CUT for about 30 years until he sold it through Regtransfers.
Roger and his wife promptly cruised around California on a Harley-Davidson motorbike on the profits.

The lady in the photograph is, however, not Mrs Beresford-Jones, but superstar, Whitney Houston, who Roger met last year whilst touring round Ireland.

“I love our ‘Cut’ and ‘Blo’ plates,BL04 CUT and BL05 CUT, on the bike and car,” Roger enthuses. “They are a great talking point and really help to sell the salon brand.”



Colin Fraser is the used car preparation and display manager at a Toyota car dealership in Stockport, Cheshire. Now in his fifties, Colin’s children have grown up and left home, a situation that leaves him and his wife with a little more free time on their hands and, occasionally, a little more spare cash.

Colin had been casually looking for a personal number plate for most of his adult life. Specifically he wanted a CCF registration to match his initials, but for years he felt that he couldn’t justify the expenditure as the CCF numbers he had seen were a little expensive.

Previously Colin owned 160 CPU, which he kept for 30 years, but he parted with that number in order to help raise the funds for CCF 100.

Colin’s transaction was handled by Regtransfers sales adviser Alfie Moon, for whom Colin has kind words of praise.

“I consider CCF 100 a good investment in the present economic climate,” Colin says. “I’m delighted with  the new plate, and I was equally delighted with Alfie’s professionalism and good service.”

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