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Coventry Transport Museum

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When the last classic Jaguar XJ to roll off the production line at Castle Bromwich was donated to Coventry Transport Museum, the museum team was anxious that the car should be registered with a number plate that befitted its significance.

The 2.7 litre diesel XJ6 ‘Sovereign’ was the very last car to be produced in a long line of ground breaking Jaguar XJ models going back to 1968. After exploring several Jaguar-related number plate options with Regtransfers.co.uk, staff at the Museum eventually settled on CB09 JAG.

“As a museum we are here to preserve what Coventry is all about, and Jaguar is a key part of that history. We were thrilled to be donated this fantastic car to ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations.

The plate we have chosen reflects both Jaguar and the fact that the car was the last of its type assembled at Castle Bromwich in 2009 – hence the CB09 – and is absolutely appropriate for this historic vehicle,” said Gary Hall, Chief Executive of the museum.

The Jaguar XJ is by no means the first vehicle displayed at the museum to have a personal number plate: two other notable examples are a 1907 Standard Roi de Belges, which bears the registration SMC 1 (Standard Motor Company 1), and a 1965 Alvis TE-21 which has a registration plate 1 ALV.

Coventry Transport Museum displays the largest collection of its type in the world, and CB09 JAG joins over 600 cars, cycles, motorbikes and commercial vehicles housed at a city centre location the size of three football pitches! Anyone interested in the history of British road transport can enjoy the Museum for free. If you do decide to pay a visit, don’t forget to look out for those extra special personal plates.


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