Who’s the Boss?


This is the question that Valerie and Derek Moore have been arguing about for more than half of their happily married lives. Over the years, they have both driven cars bearing the number THE 805S and have recently celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary with their family on holiday in Spain.

“Although there is no argument that all the vehicles have been registered in my name”
Derek explained. “For reasons that I still don’t understand, my wife seems to think that THE 805S is more appropriate for her.”

The story began back in 1983 when the pair were setting up a Driving School and Derek decided to invest his early retirement commutation in a cherished number rather than put it in a bank. After their first advertisement in the local newspaper, there were 697 enquiries for driving lessons. So they immediately bought two more Triumph Acclaims and employed two other instructors. “What a start!” Valerie said “The problem was that everyone wanted to learn in the one car; so we had to share it around”.

Some years later, they considered emigrating to Cyprus and THE 805S was transferred to a Toyota Hi-Ace Rio camper van which they drove through Europe, the .then Yugoslavia and Greece. The number plate proved to be a wonderful way of meeting new people who wanted to have their pictures taken beside it.

Later still it was put on to two different Mazda 323’s and has featured in many wedding photographs. Once Valerie was stopped by a policeman who wanted to talk about ”the configuration of your number plate”. In fact it was all correctly sized and spaced and he later confessed that he had only stopped her because he wanted to learn more about it!

People often ask if they want to sell it and, on one occasion, they were followed for miles by a big Mercedes. Being suspicious, they pulled into a service station, as did the other driver, a chauffeur who parked away from the pumps. As he walked over, and before he could speak, Derek enquired “Are you a millionaire?” The reply was that he wanted to enquire about the number plate for his boss, but it was only when the question was repeated that the chauffeur realised it’s significance.

They have decided to put an end to their arguments after 25 years and will leave it to Regtransfers.co.uk to find a new home for their registration, so that somebody else can show the world who is THE 805S.

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