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What a Joy L18BYU I have always loved private number plates and consider that they make a car stand out from the rest like a nice set of alloy wheels. However, whilst the wheels will lose their value, the number plate is likely to increase in value, if you purchase the right one. Eight years ago, when our daughter Olivia was born, we purchased L18 BYU for our Peugeot 206. Olivia is known as ‘Libby’ and can’t wait to transfer the number to her first car. I had been looking unsuccessfully for the numberA1 JOY which I once saw many years ago and I thought my luck had changed when, in 2005,JOY 1A came up for auction. I entered the bidding but withdrew when the price went over my budget, finally selling for around £3,000. So, when I saw A111 JOY for sale at an affordable price from Regtransfers, I rang to put in a offer. They rang back the next day to say that it had been accepted. They dealt with everything. It was so easy and pleasant. Tony Joy by email

Bargain Buy JJ55 RAJ Our car is a Cadillac CTS, the model that saved Cadillac from extinction. The registrationJJ55 RAJ was bought from Regtransfers for around £800. I think this was a bargain buy because it shows both my wife Jacqueline Jannetta’s initials and mine. The photograph was taken on our wedding day in Italy last August and we are motoring to Italy again this year to celebrate our first anniversary. In fact, the mayor of Villa Latina, the small town in southern Italy where we were married, made it a condition in the wedding ceremony, that we must return to his town at least once a year or the marriage is automatically annulled! Ricky Anthony and Jacqueline Jannetta by email

Water W8 RKS! W8 RKS Toby Deane by email

MOL 4N MOL 4N Martin Molan East Lothian

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