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Back in the family

back in the family

Glynis Symes has always been interested in number plates. When she was young, her father would buy her the I-Spy number plates books whenever they went on holiday.

The interest that had been fed by the books meant that Glynis developed a good memory for numbers.

“Around 1963 my father bought a blue Standard Ensign car and the registration was ECU 5. I was always good at remembering numbers but this one really stuck in my head. My father eventually sold the car and in those days, to most people, a number plate was a just a number plate, so the registration went with it.”

In recent years, Glynis has become familiar with computers and the internet. It is, therefore, no great surprise that she soon found the website. Glynis decided to search for ECU 5, and she was amazed to discover that it was actually for sale. Regtransfers was selling the number on behalf of a client. Unfortunately, the asking price was a little out of Glynis’s reach, so she began to save.

“I used to look on the website regularly to see if it was still for sale; then, when I was almost at my goal, someone moved the goal posts and the price almost doubled. I was so disappointed but I had come this far and I started to save again.” Eventually Glynis decided to try making an offer, as she really did have her heart set on acquiring ECU 5.

“I rang Regtransfers and spoke with a man named Sam. I put in an offer and Sam said he would ring the owner. He called me back to say that my offer wasn’t enough, and the seller wanted at least £200 more than that. I explained that I really couldn’t afford to spend any more and Sam said he would speak with the seller again. Thankfully the offer was accepted (thank you so much, Sam!) and I am now the proud owner of ECU 5.
The number means so much to me, but unfortunately my dad is no longer with us to see it on my car.

“I will pass the plate on to my son, Aaron, when I can no longer drive, and he assures me he will never sell it, as he thought so much of his granddad. He can’t wait to get it on his car, but I hope he will have to wait for a long time yet!”

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