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Attention to Detail

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Andre Rayson with AND 2E

Andre Rayson has never been one to sit still for very long. As well as his full-time career as a Health and Safety Consultant, Andre also runs two other companies in his spare time. The first is Armour Party Supplies, which provides everything from bouncy castles to gladiator jousting, and Quads R Us, which offers quad biking for children aged 5-14.

With most of Andre’s spare time being used up creating unforgettable parties and involving himself in public events, it was a stroke of luck when one of his customers informed him that he was selling a Range Rover – a vehicle Andre had always wanted – at a very attractive price. It was an offer he couldn’t resist.

Andre is used to making parties and events special by paying attention to detail, so it was inevitable that he would want to add a unique finishing touch to his new car. The obvious answer was to purchase a personalised number plate.

Thinking that he may be fortunate enough to find a plate featuring his initials, Andre began his hunt on the Regtransfers website. Unable to find a perfect initials plate, he typed his name into the search box, not expecting a winning result. But, to his amazement, up came the ultimate registration.

“Amongst the list that came up was AND 2E, the last thing I had expected to see!” he said.
Despite being extremely tempted, Andre decided it would be sensible to work out his finances and return a week or two later to see if the registration was still there. When he did return, content in the knowledge that he would be able to afford his desired plate, Andre was disappointed to learn that it was no longer available. Unable to decide on an alternative, Andre gave up his search, knowing that he could never find a registration as perfect as AND 2E.

But one should never give up too easily. A couple of weeks later, still attracted by the idea of a cherished number plate, Andre tried searching for his name again. To his great surprise, up popped AND 2E once again! The sale that had removed the registration from the Regtransfers site had not completed, and so Andre’s ultimate private number plates were now available.

Andre said, “I saw this as a sign that this plate was meant to be on my car. The lady on the phone at Regtransfers was very helpful and confirmed that there were a number of people currently bidding on it, but I could purchase it immediately for the current asking price.” Recognising the interest the registration was generating, he said, “I just had to have it and we did the deal there and then!”

Laura Murphy


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