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A Mark of Success

A mark of success

I bought my 1 MS private number plate because I thought a good-looking car deserved a good-looking number plate. The car the plates are on now is a Ferrari 360 Modena, but soon, when I get the time, I am planning to upgrade it to the newer model, the F430. 1 MS is a great registration and all my friends seem to think so as well.

I have an entrepreneurial background and, in the early part of my career, was involved in the launch of products, usually in a sales and marketing driven business-to-business environment. More recently I have been involved in the acquisition and sale of a range of businesses, including property, catering, music, transport and human resource companies. The most notable of these businesses to date was probably a contract catering company that won several awards, and which was in the Sunday Times fastest growing 100 UK companies for three years running. It was also voted one of the top 100 companies for employees to work for. That business was sold when annual sales topped £60m and the company had 2,500 employees.

These days I work as an Investment and Asset Manager, mainly for myself, which brings a quality of life that was not available when I was working flat out. I also sit on the board of several companies in which I have invested, in a non-executive capacity.

I am now in the fortunate position where I can choose whom I work with. I often find that the people I work with have similar tastes in cars, and prefer personalised number plates to standard plates. Increasing numbers seem to both have personalised plates and want them.

I think the car and its 1 MS number plate help give a positive image conveying that I am both good and successful at what I do. I think it is important to be upfront about what you can do for people. I have never advocated hiding one’s light under a bushel!

Michael Scott

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