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RT Team Spotlight – Lianne Randlesome

Lianne Randlesome

This is the latest in a series of articles that we hope will enable our readers to get to know Regtransfers a little better. We will feature a different member of our team each time and gradually you’ll become able to put faces to the voices you hear when you call us.

In this issue, we talk to Lianne Randlesome from our RegAlert team.

What is your role? 
I deal with the administration and contact customers who are interested in selling their registrations. I then match up the registrations to RegAlert and notify any customers where the registration matches their criteria.

Tell us about RegAlert 
It is a unique database which comprises details of thousands of potential customers. We contact them on a regular basis by text and email until we find their ‘perfect plate’.

Tell me about your team members. 
We have a specialist sales team who deal with the incoming enquiries from our texts and emails. Our manager, Stuart Bentley, oversees operations.

What constitutes a typical day for you? 
Speaking to lots of different people about their registrations and getting them to place them on our books. I would then match them up to RegAlert.

How long have you worked for Regtransfers? 
13 wonderful years!

Has Regtransfers changed since you started? 
Yes. It has grown massively. There were about 15 staff when I joined and now there are about 100, including an evening sales team.

How did you get the job?
I started here on a temporary contract through an agency and was offered a permanent position after a few months.

Do remember your first big sale?
My biggest sale was very memorable: It was LM 1 which I sold back in 2002. What a fantastic number!

Have you dealt with any famous customers?
I have sold registrations to Rugby League footballer, Ellery Hanley and Stoke City striker, James Beattie.

Describe Regtransfers as a place to work. What do you like most about it? 
Regtransfers is a great place to work. It has a very friendly atmosphere and a good work ethic.

Who buys personal number plates and what do most people look for? 
People from all walks of life buy registrations and I have found that most people look for their initials or name.

Why do you think people buy personal registrations? 
People buy registrations for fun, to hide the year of their car and, of course, because of their great investment potential.

Do you have a personal plate? 
No. I’m still trying to convince my boss to loan me LSR 1, which is one of our brilliant stock numbers!

How do you try to ensure that’s service is better than anyone else’s? 
By giving fantastic customer service. RegAlert is constantly notifying its potential customers so that they don’t miss out on their ultimate registration.

What do you consider to be the ‘best’ plates? 
Registrations with the number ‘1’ are well known to be the ultimate registrations, but registrations that resemble names are proving to be very popular now.

What would your advice be to someone looking to buy a registration? 
Contact our RegAlert department. We will add your details to our database and contact you as soon as we have your ultimate registration for sale.

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