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Chinese auction kerfuffle

Regtransfers Blog - Chinese auction kerfuffle

The Chinese number plate ED 999 was the centre of rather more attention than it warranted when two rival bidding factions came to blows over its sale at auction.

Although the registration was highly desirable because of the cultural significance of the number nine, securing the plate soon became more a matter of prestige between feuding families. The progress of the bid proved too frustrating for the two parties and, eventually, things descended into an ugly brawl.

Perhaps quite rightly, the organisers of the sale in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, decided to immediately withdraw the sale so neither side were able to claim the prize.

There is, of course, a UK plate with the registration ED 999, originally issued by Warrington County Borough Council at the beginning of the last century. Let’s hope no similar kerfuffle ensues should it ever come up for sale here.