Mr Gold X

David GoldDavid Gold recently invited us back to his home for a return visit. David is a great friend and supporter of our magazine Regtransfers: The World of Personal Number Plates,and has featured in our pages several times with his excellent “Gold” number plates.

David’s daughters Jacqueline and Vanessa (respectively chief executive and managing director of Ann Summers) bought him a new registration for his collection, MR60 LDX (‘Mr Gold X’).

“I forget where I was,” says David, “but
I arrived home and there it was, my new plate, already on the car. When I saw it, I said to my daughters, ‘that’s cool’. Because I’m a young person, I knew what that meant. No, seriously, I really did think it was cool.”

As he flipped through the pages of a recent issue of the magazine, David admired several of the registration numbers featured, but then declared: “I still think that mine are the best!

“I just think this is fantastic, guys, I’ve got to tell you. Every time I see your magazine I’m thinking, brilliant. It’s very cleverly done.”

David has recently updated his autobiography as he felt that there were a few improvements to be made.
The revised version is available as a free download from his website,

Twitter users may follow @davidgoldwhu

Story: Rick Cadger
Photography: Stan Thompson

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