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If you have ever seen our free magazine, The World of Personal Number Plates, then you will probably be aware that almost every issue since the very first has featured at least one exclusive celebrity interview - sometimes two. Regtransfers is the only private number plates specialist that can show this ongoing connection with your favourite celebs from the fields of music, TV, movies, sports and business. That is why we now print and distribute over 300,000 copies of each issue.
On this page you will find links to those exclusive stories and photographs featuring many, many famous people. In most cases we have been privileged to supply the person with their private registration. Some of the others have contacted us to tell us about personal numbers they already own. A few of our famous friends, those with a particular enthusiasm for personal registrations, have appeared in our pages more than once. In every case, the people we feature have been generous with their time and very interesting to meet.



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