Speculate the Plate!

Can you guess which number plate our celebrities have chosen?

Celebrities often have a lot on their plates and their lifestyles can be busy and chaotic. That is the price of the fame and fortune that enables people to drive swanky car embellished with eye-catching, well-chosen personalised number plates as a stylish finishing touch.

Robbie Williams famously adorned his car with the number plate ‘S8 RRY’: supposedly a message expressing his apologies to his fans for spending so much on a car. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II holds one of the most prestigious registration numbers ‘A7’ which was issued by London Council in 1903; and Lord Sugar chose his initials AMS 1 (for Alan Michael Sugar) for his car, as seen in the opening credits of The Apprentice.

Here at Regtransfers we have helped many celebrities to buy their dream personal registration. You can read some of those success stories on our Celebrity Customers page.

Some famous people have simply selected numbers that represent their names, while others have chosen plates that make reference to their field of speciality or talent. We have seen plates quoting catch-phrases, plates hinting at TV shows and movies… The variety seems to be endless. In most cases, though, the numbers that celebs chose for their cars seem obvious once the identity of the owner is known, but guessing without a clue can be pretty tricky.

So, why not put yourself to the test and take our quiz to see if you can identify the plates of the stars. From entrepreneurs to comedians and actors, from athletes and boxers to musicians and TV presenters, see if you can work out which plates these celebs have chosen.

Take the celebrity number plates test!

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