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Number One

Everyone knows that A 1 was the very first number plate. Well, it wasn’t actually, but the myth serves to reinforce the alphanumeric combination as a byword for excellence. Whether… Read the rest
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Summer Sale

Summer’s here, and the time is right for… that personalised registration you have always promised yourself. Just imagine driving down to the coast on a balmy summer’s day with the… Read the rest
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Our New Website

As you might expect, Regtransfers was one of the first personal number plates dealers to recognise and exploit the benefits of an online presence. Our website made millions of registrations… Read the rest
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PEN 15

The government has recently issued a 46-page report outlining the registrations that have been withdrawn from issue for risk of causing offence. It’s a thankless task, over which the licensing… Read the rest
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Following the abolition of the rather quaint but archaic road tax disc, the next ‘analog’ item – the ‘counterpart’ driving licence – has now reached the end of its useful… Read the rest
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Julie Feechan, Voluntary Ambassador for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, has a novel way of promoting the work of the charity. The Loughborough-based organisation provides care for children… Read the rest
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One Direction

Unless they’re your initials, the letters DUK probably won’t mean much to you. But, to fans of the pop group One Direction – and, quite possibly, the members of the… Read the rest