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Badge of Honour

Regtransfers Blog - Badge of Honour

John Bancroft, MBE started his business, Badgemaster in 1992. In those days the business’s location was a semi-derelict Portacabin but the project flourished and, a year later, Badgemaster moved to a proper industrial unit in Newstead, Nottingham.

"Badgemaster is to name badges what Regtransfers is to registration numbers," says John. Over the last 20 years, through continuous growth and re-investment, the company has become the UK’s largest manufacturer of name badges. Our customers include most of the leading brands who have customer facing staff. In fact, it is very hard now to go into any major retailer, travel, leisure or hospitality company and find someone not wearing a badge from Badgemaster."

John’s B4 DGE number plate is the ultimate ‘Badge’ registration. "I bought B4 DGE over 15 years ago and it really has been fantastic advertising. I’ve had a number of people stop me in all sorts of places – hotels, pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities etc – and then made sales enquiries for badges. It has also proved to be a great investment over the years. I must have had dozens of unsolicited approaches asking me if I want to sell it. Just recently I was offered £15K, but it’s just not for sale!"