The Answer is Yes

Back in March last year we featured Neville Wright, co-founder of Kiddicare, with his NEV 11E and WR13 GHT number plates, in our magazine, The World of Personal Number Plates.

To compliment his successful career, love of cars and number plates, Neville has recently published his autobiography, The Answer is Yes – Now What is the Question?  

Neville Wright, dyslexic and with ADHD has had a very interesting career. He started his first of many jobs at the age of 7 working for a local milkman (prior to attending school each day) through to getting fired from his 17th job at the age of 24, to finally making a life-changing decision on 26 September 1974 to become self-employed.

The book, The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question, contains everything that life has thrown at Neville. He explains how he turned his fortunes around in 1974 by becoming responsible, in his mind, for everything that had happened to him in the past and what was going to happen in the future. Up to this point, other people had dictated what his income was, what he would do, have and become in his life, leaving him in a situation that he didn’t want.

Investing 37p [yes, that’s correct, 37p] on a piece of scrim (cloth for cleaning windows) he started a window cleaning business which eventually led him to expand into property and then retail. Together, with his wife Marilyn, they created Kiddicare from nothing into the largest independent baby nursery business in the UK, and, in 2011, in the middle of the worst recession, he sold the business that had just one shop for a staggering record breaking 70 million pounds in cash.

Along the way, he also built up a portfolio of commercial properties which by 2011 were valued at 20 million pounds. For anyone interested in knowing how it is done they need not look any further.

Motivating, inspiring, practical and always incredibly very simple advice from someone who has done it and has the t-shirt; and don’t forget the money. It would be very surprising if the reader doesn’t see something of their own lives in this book so be prepared to cry.

Neville continues today as an author and a public speaker, he has helped over 2700 people start and grow their own businesses all over the world. He also continues creating businesses with others in the UK today.

The Answer is YesThe Answer is Yes – Now What is the Question is published by Upfront Publishing (15 Nov. 2016).

Available from Amazon.

All profits will be donated to the charity of which Neville is an honorary advisor.

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