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Animoto Sports Buggies

Regtransfers Blog - Animoto Sports Buggies

Anthony Bradshaw loves to drive unusual cars. He has been building and driving kit cars and buggies since he was 16 years old.

"I studied engineering after leaving school and gained my Ordinary and Higher National Diplomas in motor vehicle engineering. Over the years I’ve had various kit cars from Dutton to Sebring. The last car I built was a V8 Merlin for which I had a set of show plates made with my dream number, ARB 1." Anthony would love to own the genuine registration, but he is pretty happy with the number he does own.

"ARB 29 is my initials, for Anthony Rennie Bradshaw, and the 29 is just the lowest number I found to be available at the time," he says, "although, ideally, I do still want ARB 1 eventually.

"My brother, Steven, and I designed and developed our own car, the Animoto, over the last 3 years. I built the car from scratch using a design that Steven created using CAD. We now make them and sell them in kit form. All of our vehicles are road legal subject to passing an Individual Vehicle Approval test. ARB 29 is currently on the first four-seater version of our buggy, which is powered by the MG/Rover 1.8 16-valve engine. It is a great fun car and the four-seater means that the whole family can enjoy it. We often attend rallies where we meet up with a lot of other people."

For more information of the kit cars developed by Anthony and Steven, visit: