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FullName Stores the full name of the currently logged-in user on the Regtransfers auction site. Expires with the end of the current session. Improves site performance and speed.
Httpreferrer If present, specifies the site the user came from to reach our site. Used for general, anonymous statistical analysis.
All five of these do basically the same thing; they determine which link, if any, the user followed to reach our site (e.g. one in our newsletter, or a promotional email etc). This allows us to display the correct phone number for enquiries. It also allows us to assess how effective our various communication methods are at generating traffic.
Affcode Identifies which affiliate partner link the user followed to reach our website (where applicable). Used to credit sales commission to affiliate partners.
Internal user IDs relating to the currently logged in user on the Regtransfers Auction site. These cookies are required if you wish to use our auction service.
If the customer so desires, s/he can have us save their email address for future logins to the Regtransfers Auction site to save them having to type it again. A customer convenience feature.
WLUserID Used by our Regalert service to remember the customer's Regalert login and thus save them having to type it on future visits. A customer convenience feature.
Internal user IDs relating to the currently logged in user in Regtransfers. These cookies are required if you wish to use our online order-tracking service.
AffiliateLogin Internal user ID relating to the currently logged in user in the affiliate system. This allows registered affiliate partners to access the affiliate system features.
RTSessionID A unique number used to track a user (anonymously) throughout the site. Used for debugging if a customer encounters an error. Enables us to see the path the user followed through the site and, hopefully to replicate and fix the error.
Searches Stores a list of searches the visitor does on our site. If the visitor requests a magazine or signs up to our Regalert service, this cookie can be used to offer a relevant list of number plates by email or SMS.
dtEnter The date and time the user arrived at the site during the current 'session'. Used rarely to analyse trends in traffic using the website.

Some cookies, such as those described as "internal user IDs", are essential to the functionality of certain website sections. Login is not possible without them.


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