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Cherished Numbers

Now, perhaps more than any other time in recent years, the fashion for customising cars is enjoying something of a renaissance. Obviously, this means that cherished numbers are growing in popularity and, in fact, it seems that good personalised DVLA number plates are high on the shopping list of any prospective car enhancer!

With such a wide range of car accessories available, it is surely hard to decide where best to spend one’s money when trying to make one’s vehicle a little more individual. Amongst many of today’s young drivers there is almost a prescribed format that is seen as particularly fashionable: the trend is for small hatchbacks with wide exhaust pipes and tinted windows. However, this very recognisable group is only one aspect. There are many other drivers who choose more individual and less formulaic approaches to customisation. Posh replacement alloy wheels are a perennial favourite, as are spoilers and other pieces of body kit. Body transfers also remain popular. All of these can look great when selected and fitted tastefully, but none of them can be truly unique. No matter what additional bits and pieces you buy to add to your car, there is always a chance you’ll bump into someone (not literally, we hope) who has performed similar mods. It could be a bit like turning up at a party to find someone else wearing the same dress!

This, of course, is where cherished numbers make the real difference. A personal number displayed on your plates makes your car absolutely unique, and can attract as much attention by itself as many hundreds of pounds worth of extra chrome and plastic. Obviously names and words on registrations are highly sought after and may mean saving up for a while (although they are a great investment), but a plate featuring your initials often turns out to be a surprisingly affordable solution. has more cherished numbers available than any other dealer in the country. The simple search box on this page is the perfect place to start looking for your own totally unique personal number. Why not try it and see what we have for you?